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11-08 2018

warm congratulations to president wang yuan on his election as rotating director of cast iron workin

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   on september 27, 2018, the china foundry association iron working committee general meeting and a member of the eighth meeting held successfully in yantai city of shandong province, executive vice president of china foundry association wenping, down yuan yajuan, secretary-general, deputy, technical adviser test, determine the ceng yi into, 巩济民, jing-zhong ma and member unit represents more than 40 people attended the meeting, conform to the requirements of the specified number, the meeting shall be presided over by casting tiewei li kerui secretary-general.

    wang yuan, president of our company, was elected as rotating chairman and deputy secretary-general of xue xinhua committee, chief engineer. the new committee members held a meeting of the first eight members, and deliberated and passed the working regulations of the cast iron working committee. the participants had a full discussion on the key work plan from october 2018 to december 2019. the time and place of the annual meeting of cast iron in 2019 were discussed.

    the new cast iron committee will actively forge ahead under the leadership of the general assembly, live up to the great trust, work hard, build a platform for enterprises, innovate service forms, better serve the majority of cast iron enterprises, promote technical exchanges, and solve practical problems.

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